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    Francis Beasley

    Francis Beasley, over 14 years building Apps

    7 years of commercial Swift, 4 years of SwiftUI

    5 years of Android


    Hire me to help get your app over the finish line - check out the services I offer below

  • What I OFFer

    The most successful strategy for building a stable, high quality mobile app using both agile processes and Apple's own best practices 

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    Agile Process

    I offer development with Agile methodologies, developing the app tightly alongside the designers to make sure we are utilising the best out of Apple's Core Systems.

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    Enthusiasm and Positivity

    I bring a level of enthusiasm and positivity to any team, helping to get over that release mark or just getting the system stable that much easier.

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    I utilise the latest technologies from Apple, having 7 years experience with Swift, the latest iOS 17 practices and producing successful tvOS, macOS and watchOS apps along the way.

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    Great depth of Knowledge

    I am able to look at an app and make calls for which route would bring the app to market faster, and how to utilise backend systems like Syncano or Firebase efficiently.

  • Blog Posts

    These posts are my thoughts on the best technologies.

    June 14, 2016
    I know what you are all thinking and asking,  How is Swift? Well I have to say that it is a massive improvement on Objective-C, and this may come as no surprise to some but as a modern language it really is a step in the right direction. It is faster, easier, and just improves you as a...
    June 23, 2015
    Pretty much all the apps I write now are backed by CoreData in some way or another. It is the best way of setting up and managing objects that are persisted, this allows the app to show data to the user when they are offline or in bad reception areas. Why the post? Initially I thought, well...
    Apple released their own programming language ‘Swift’ over a year ago and since then I know only one person who has actually used it to develop a production app out of all the iOS developers I know. Why is this? Is it because it’s not ‘mature’ yet? Is it that radically different from...
  • Success-Driven Development

    A presentation of the apps I have worked on in numbers


    The number of apps I have built that have earned Apple's 'Choice of the week' title

    350 Million +

    The number of downloads of apps I have built and developed

  • Portfolio

    A selection of the best apps I have worked on in detail

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    Hotels.com is a major brand in the hotels re-sale industry. A new version of their iOS app was needed and I got in at day one to rebuild the app from scratch. 

    18 Months on and it is a stable, high quality iOS app that Apple has promoted across many countries.

    It has been considered as the major success of the last year from hotels.com.

    This app supports over 50 different languages and 80 different countries, across all time zones.

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    Nike+ Fuelband

    Nike built this app to connect with the piece of hardware called the 'Fuelband'. It connects over bluetooth and sends all information from it up to the server on your account. 

    With the latest version you can challenge your mates to a variety of activities in the day with points as the reward.

    This app uses a lot of asychronous backend connectivities to connect to the servers and the device, and the team was over the size of 15 developers.

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    RBS is a major bank in the UK and so security is a massive factor in this iOS app. 

    Using the latest cryptography to secure all transactions to and from the server, encryption on the database and using all the latest techniques in masking any user text input.

    This app was white-labelled so that it could be re-branded for Natwest. 

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    Memrise is a new and vastly improved way of learning topics. 

    Their selection of courses range from languages to composers, using asynchronous networking and the latest tricks within CoreData allows this app to work seamlessly under stress.

    Recently featured on Apple's 'Best New Apps'.

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    Launch is a new Mac App that creates great looking iOS screenshots for the iOS Appstore. 

    Using Asynchronous methods for loading the retina views and saving out. 

    This is a ground breaking Mac App that makes your iOS app look great and increases the chance of Apple promoting it.

  • A selection of others I have worked on, please click on them to see them in the Appstore

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    Dr Who Encyclopedia

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    Headspin: Storybook

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    Journey to the Exoplanets

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    F:sh, a children's interactive book

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    Guinness World Records

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    Top100 Albums

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    Game of Thrones Official App

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    Trube :Fitness Training

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    Official Women's Tennis Finals 2016

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    Official Premier League 2017

  • Services


    Over 14 years of commercial experience, knowing what works design wise, and how to make and maintain great apps.


    The ability to hire, take on and train individuals to high standards.

    Deep knowledge of UX in Mobile Apps and what users will automatically know how to use.


    Great solutions to problems that are quick to develop and efficient for users.

    Ability to jump straight onto a project and be adding value within hours.

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    Please contact me if you have a requirement for high quality, stable, state of the art mobile Development on a contract basis.